Guyana Consulate New York

Notarization of Legal Documents

Notarization of Legal Documents

The Consulate notarizes legal documents such as powers of attorney, affidavits, renunciations and divorce documents for Guyana. The fee is $10.00US per copy.

Documents must be prepared (typed and legible) before approaching the Consulate. The prepared document should not be signed by anyone before coming to the Consulate. It has to be signed and witnessed at the Consulate. The person signing must submit a current passport or the new Guyana Identification Card as proof of I.D.


Witnessing of signatures for Banks in Guyana

The Consulate witnesses signature/s for bank transactions in Guyana. The person conducting the transaction must bring a current passport as proof of identity. The consulate will not notarize any signature if a valid passport is not presented.

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