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1.       4 copies of Death Certificate. 

2.       1 copy of Public Health Certificate.


3.       1 copy of Embalming Certificate.


4.       Remains are to be enclosed in a hermetic sealer.


5.       The hermetic  sealer must be then enclosed in metal casket.


6.       The wooden casket is to be enclosed in an air-packed shipping shell.



1.       Urn must be sealed.

2.       Copy of Death Certificate.

3.       Cremation Certificate.

4.       Public Health Certificate.







The Remigrant Scheme of the Government of Guyana is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with the Guyana Revenue Authority. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for determining and granting remigration status while the Guyana Revenue Authority administers the tax exemptions.


1. Who is eligible under the re-migrant scheme?


(a) A Guyanese who is eighteen (18) years and above, who has been residing legally

overseas for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years and is now returning to Guyana.


(b) A Guyanese Student/Graduate who has attended/is attending a training institution and residing overseas for a minimum of four years and is now returning to Guyana.


2. Where should applications for remigration status be made?


Applications must be submitted in person to the Remigration Officer, Ministry of Foreign

Affairs, South Road, Georgetown, telephone number 592-226-1386.


3. When should applications be submitted?


Applications must be submitted within the first three (3) months of resettlement in order to establish re-migrant status.


4. What are the documents that must accompany the application?


1. Current Passport which must be at least five years old. If the passport is less than five (5) years old, then previous passport must be submitted.


2. In the case of students as mentioned at 1 (b) evidence from the University, College orEducational Institution confirming the duration of the course of study or time spent at the



3. Documentary evidence of how the potential re-migrant intends to earn a livelihood inGuyana to re-establish permanent stay.


4. A Statutory Declaration, which must be prepared by a Justice of Peace or

Commissioner of Oats to Affidavits in Guyana and which must include the following:


(a) That the items for which exemptions are sought are for personal and domesticuse and not for sale or exchange.


(b) Whether the remigrant has previously/never enjoyed tax exemptions.


(c) The model, year and the engine capacity of the vehicle for which exemptionsare being sought1.


(d) That the re-migrant will reside in Guyana for not less than three (3) years,

failing which all exemptions granted become immediately payable.


(e) A list of items for which exemptions are sought must be attached to the



5. Two passport size photographs.


6. Registration and Insurance of vehicle to confirm that vehicle is owned by the applicant at least six months at the time of the application for re-migrant status.


7. In the case of pensioners, a bus pass or a letter from the Social Security Agency in the country from which they are migrating.


8. In the case of a person with disability, a document indicating their condition     from the

relevant agency in the country from which they are migrating.


5. What are the exemptions given?


Exemption from duty and Value Added Tax (VA T) are given on the following:


(a) A reasonable quantity of personal effects.


(b) A reasonable quantity of household effects including domestic and electrical



(c) A limited amount of tools of trade


(d) Motor Vehicles, Motor cycles and leisure boats that are owned by the remigrant atleast six months before the application for remigrant status. Documentary evidence must be provided.


Please note that each remigrant is entitled to exemptions on one (1) vehicle, one (1) boat and one (1) motor cycle.


In the case of a motor vehicle, the remigrant must pay the excise tax at the rate of 5% or 10% of the CIF value depending on the cubic capacity (cc) of the vehicle and as stipulated in Table A-2of Section 15 of the Excise Tax Act 2005 – Less than 1500cc to 1800cc – 5%, l801cc to 2000cc– 10%, 2001cc – 3000cc – 10%, above 3000 cc – 10%.


In the case of firearms and TV/Satellite Dishes, approval must first be obtained from the

Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Frequency Management Unit respectively.


6. How long does it take to process an application for re-migrant status?



The acceptable tint level on motor vehicles is 65% light penetration.

Applications submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be processed within seven (7) working days provided that all necessary information is submitted.

It should be note that the approval from the Minister of Foreign Affairs signifies that the

applicant qualifies for re-migrant status and consequently duty free concessions. However, the level of duty free concessions is determined by the Guyana Revenue Authority following the examination of the documents submitted and an interview with the re-migrant.

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